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They laughed at the genie's on fire so did we cool me down reminds me of the song now its summer its the last day of school today. I said it's him. People laughed that he dressed like a woman. I saw his scarf fell from his face but I didn't notice he said oops in theatres. He said heard your princess is hot where is she. I am used to the original. That's not right, it's heard your princess was a sight lovely to see. That part sounds a little too mature for kids. The elephant sounds remind me of the original movie when Abu turned into an elephant and the third movie during the wedding.we lauhed and everyone laughed that Aladdin was holding he cane in a funny way they laughed at genie saying thats a curtsy not a bow they laughed at themsaying two diffrent things its norh genie Aladdin said south we laughed too i think they laughed at Aladdin sleped genie 2 times he said don't touch me don't touch me so did we yes jams Aladdin said yam jams fig jams dark jams seedless delicious exotic jams then the genie was smiling saying move away from the jams we all laughed we have jewels and he said what do you hope to buy with thing expence jasmine says i sad you and he said you i said really i waas just joking from watching the dvd now everyone looked surprised genie said wow no no no Aladdin said moment with you are your suggenthing tha i'm for sale Jasmine asked ofcorse Aladdin said said not no ofcorse not no and then Jasmine said she has to find some bread and dollie said for the jams when the genie came up to water is a good temperature everyone laughed we did too Aladdin said see the sultan dies like me okey the genie said well maybe he'll let you be his wife everyone laughed we laughed the heardest as he was slideing backwards and a girl said to jasmine say somthing act natral everyone laughd he said hes sorry then he tryed to ask her to dance and she finish his sentence i think they laughed when the genie did the funny dance genies don't really have friends they laughed they laughed that dahia said there beautiful she'll hate them she thought the flowers are for her Jasmine tell herthe way to her heart is threw her mine and he said that they are for her and she asked him to excuse her for one moment and she was cheering quietly he was mouching of how he was saying about himslef they laughed how plesent i am he said and he said why would I say as people, they laughed that kid is contagious. She said sheep cheese and I never heard that before. They laughed at Rajah when Jasmine said Let's not eat the prince today. He needs his legs for dancing. I laughed when Dahlia said a gifted goat in theathers i didb't notic Disney World on the map untill now on dvd waching it my favorite song is A Whole New World i love the orgainal song from the movie but i like this song too i sang this song in six grade in frount of my whole class i didn't notied that iago turned big thats not how it was in the oringal movie it was funny how the sultan went pushing the bad guys the screaming was funny I didn't notice the spikes appearing on the railing in theatres. It was funny when Genie turned into Aladdin, warrior prince. It surprised me that the Genie appeared at the end.