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If time inside had taught him one thing, though, it’s what really mattered in life. What he’d lost. What he had left. === “He says the cracks in you are so deep God’s own light can’t find the bottom.” === She passed a place that used to be her favorite restaurant and saw a group of teenagers arguing on the street corner. There was more of that now, too: anger, discontent. Unemployment was twice the national average, and every year it got harder to pretend the best times weren’t in the past. === She looked about in an apologetic way, and from a distance he could sense the unhappiness born of bad boyfriends and a meaningless job. She hoped life would be more. He understood that in a way most men would not. === “I’d stick with what you’ve got.” “And what’s that?” She stopped at his desk. “A mortgage, kids. Thirty extra pounds and a wife of what, nine years?” “Ten.” “Well, there you go. A loving family, thick arteries, and twenty years to retirement.”