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“Weakness is not a sin, Robert. God built us all with special flaws and left us the challenge of addressing them. Facing the things that hurt us most is the real test...." === “It is in suffering that we are withdrawn from the sway of time and mere things, and find ourselves in the presence of profounder truth.” === Some people were blessed with the ability to forget bad things. Elizabeth lacked that particular skill, so if she chose to face the ugliness straight on, she could close her eyes and see the past with perfect clarity: the sounds, the slant of light, the way he moved. The memory was about after. === “Hello, sweetheart.” “Hi, Mom.” A hug died stillborn and awkward. One smelled of white wine and lotion, the other of jail. === it. He had to wear so many masks. They slipped on and off with such ease that he forgot at times who he really was. A good man. A bad one. Spreading his hands on the sink, he stared at the mirror until he found the right face staring back.