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DogClutton-Brock, JulietBookJ 599.77 C6292D 2014
CatClutton-Brock, JulietBookJ 599.7 C629C2
HorseClutton-Brock, JulietBookJ 636.1 C6292H 2016
CatClutton-Brock, JulietBookJ 599.75 C6292C 2014
A Natural History of Domesticated MammalsClutton-Brock, JulietBook636 C629N2
Cats, Ancient and ModernClutton-Brock, JulietBook636.8 C629C
PerrosClutton-Brock, JulietBookSPJ 599.7 C629P
Horse PowerA History of the Horse and the Donkey in Human SocietiesClutton-Brock, JulietBook636.1 C629HP
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