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Mar 13, 2021betsymarzoni rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This book is #30 in the Guido Brunetti series and there are some changes taking place. Characters, who in past volumes have played major roles (Patta, Paola, Raffi, Chiara, Elettra, and Vianello) have minimal interactions with Brunetti in this mystery. He instead teams up with Claudia Griffoni and they also enlist the help of the Coast Guard and the Carabinieri. The resultant teamwork is more physically dangerous and tense than we have experienced in many of the books of the series. Brunetti has always been a philosopher, a man who outsmarts his suspects but he has to engage in physical danger here. There are numerous passages where Brunetti becomes lost in thought, looks to the past, and uncharacteristically at the beginning of the adventure arrives hours late for work on successive days. You feel like he is winding down. Is Leon starting to "retire" him?? The book ended very abruptly. I would have appreciated one more chapter telling us of the status of the characters. It was better than her last volume. And, good news, the publisher has improved the map that has always graced the inside covers of the books.