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Mar 13, 2021MimiY217 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
This novel brought up some very interesting ethical questions. The first being, if you could forget any memory or part of your life, would you? Another being, if someone asks you to take away every bad memory, should you? I thoroughly enjoyed the world that Collins created, her writing hold such evocative imagery that you can truly feel the sense of loss that these characters are suffering. However, for me, the novel was quite slow to start. The entire first third of the book dregs a bit as you're strugling the understand the rather whiny main character and the point of the overall story. Once you reach part two the story finally picks up steam and the threads start pulling together. The book is beautiful and wonderfully written, capturing both the fagility of young infatuation, and the hollowness of emotion when you feel like you're missing a piece of yourself. It is absolutely worth the read. Still, it is a slow build and would not be the right choice for someone looking for a book that will grab them on the first page.