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Feb 21, 2021_alishabari rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
The Secret History had a lot of hype and I was intrigued to get into it. It is, by no means, a small book. It took me longer then usual to finish and is packed with Greek references and vocabulary that I certainly was not familiar with. The book is a thriller, mystery novel, and Donna Tartt so perfectly describes a pretentious, elite group who edge the line of eccentric and evil. The book is written very romantically, and while many dark themes such as drug/alcohol abuse, murder and incest are present, the book almost sidelines them and focuses on candlelit dinners, weekend getaways to gorgeous country home and intellectual discussions regarding Greek and Roman themes. And I loved it. I think despite it not being a fantasy, it definitely felt like a fantasy which was very cool. [*spoilers*] I see many people argue that the characters are impossible to relate with and that is very true. All the characters are really bad people. But that makes it that much more interesting and exciting to read, because I found myself almost sympathizing with these awful, self-absorbed characters. I think the best realization I had during this book was that Richard wasn’t at all a reliable narrator and that these characters being discussed were so much more worse then we expected. Arguably, it’s not a perfect book and I realize that, but I enjoy the depth and I think I could reread this book a few more times and end on completely new conclusions about the characters and the story.