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Nov 02, 2020TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Following the two previous novel series of “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by Mister George Martin, the third book proved itself to be no less, if not more, fascinating than its prequels. Picking up from the war of the five kings, the story continues to unravel as minor characters from previous books are beginning to have more significant roles to play in the series, making the timeline as well as the location of the story more complex. Ser Brienne of Tarth, for example, was given more detailed personalities and characteristics. “A Storm of Swords” contains more controversies and the plots are far more surprising and unexpected compared to its prequels. After reading one of the most shocking scenes in the book, my mind was dwelled by the scene as I could not help but criticize but also admire the boldness and imagination of the author for writing such a horrific and controversial plot. Nonetheless, the following plots became far more interesting after the unbelievable scene. I would rate the book a 4.7/5 and I look forward to beginning exploring through the next book in the series - A Feast for Crows. @tiny_astronaut of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board This is the longest book I have ever read and it may be my favourite in the series so far. I began reading the series around the time I finished watching the TV adaptation so I was surprised to see how different some characters were between the adaptation and the original. In the book, very likeable characters were significantly less so while unlikeable or superficial characters were more likeable. However, all the differences I noticed heightened the depth of characters in the book. There were several unbelievable and captivating sequences as well as a brilliant ending. I have heard criticisms about how much characters’ development is foreshadowed (giving away where they will end up at the end of the story) and about George R. R. Martin’s minimalistic writing style. Honestly, I cannot say I would be able to accurately predict where all the characters will end up at the end of the story. Even if I were able to, I still think I would enjoy their journeys. Regarding Martin’s style, this became more noticeable to me with this book but I still enjoyed it. In sum, I think this was an enthralling continuation of the series and am excited to read more. 4.5/5 stars @reviewperson of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board I really enjoyed reading this book! It captured my attention from the beginning, and kept my interest throughout its entirety. After every chapter I was eager to read the next! There is a lot of shock and suspense within this book, which makes it so intriguing! It is completely unpredictable, and so cleverly written. George R. R. Martin does a great job of telling the story, and developing each character. The writing is very descriptive, and transports the audience into the story. I loved reading this book, and would definitely recommend this series to other readers! It is an outstanding continuation to the previous two books! @PenelopeScriptor of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library