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Sep 09, 2020red_kangaroo_335 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Shockingly Awesome. I went into the theatre with no idea what to expect, if anything I was bit bored and not too excited. But once you hear Arabian Nights play, all that changes. The original Aladdin is certainly a classic Disney film, but unlike the Beauty and the Beast remake - this live-action delivered, on both performance AND song. One of the flaws with the original was that Jasmine's character wasn't much explored- she had a man save her. Naomi Scott's version of Princess Jasmine is much more inspirational and a better role model for children. She is determined and a leader, and knows she can be the best sultan of Agrabah. She gets an inspirational solo which Scott nails and we finally get the Jasmine we have all been hoping for since the 90s. Mena Massoud's Aladdin was wonderful as well- he delivered a cheeky yet lovable street rat character who is instantly liked by audiences. Robin Williams is the OG Genie and there is no way anyone can replicate it. However, it's Will Smith bringing his own charisma to the film that made the Genie character awesome. He was himself and it made for an amazing character. All in all, this is an amazing remake and it brings a fresh, new twist to a classic. The songs are spot-on and performances relatable. A magical movie.