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Jun 18, 2020Monica_Diana_Czekirda rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I saw this movie in theather this live action movie of Aladdin i grew up with the cartoon but i really did like this movie too when we watched it in theathers right away we knew it was Will Smith he said will smith hes a singer i said i didn't now he was singing begining of Arabian nights i said in theathers i thought a girls tryin to takw something from him whlie the other lady talks to him but it seemed he took something when Aladdin gave him a bracelet as a pay then he had how is that possible i said in theathers i didn't hear theaf with Aladdin untill on dvd i barrowed i didn't see she was teaching the girls at school untill now watching it on dvd and theres one brown girl and in this movie she hit him with a stick i didn't hear jail i hear ja now on dvd i hear jail i don't know if kids knew what jail is she said her name is Dahlia i was like no Jasmine what i was like doesn't he know shes a princess cause he said she should tell the princess to get out more the people haven't seen her in years he said its kind of barrowed the sitar people laughed my brother laughed at the sitar monkey catching flies evan people laughed the origanal had a white guy not a arabama i said wait is that hers i thought it was a cup wow watching on dvd its her braclet i seen what is that he said i said its kitty when we watched on dvd but he said its a cat people laughd in theathers but i didn't know they laughed in the movie untill watching on dvd my brother just smiled they laughed at the prince was attached by rajaja it has never been done remines me of Cinderella 2 dreams come ture she said its simpley isn't done open the gate remines me of Cinderella 2 dreams come ture they laughed another girl said i'm a princess yes and it is good to be me prideding to be her my brother laughed that its her cat to be clean that part remines me of the begining where he comes out and grabs the lamp and they showed that dark in the canadian content and hes the one that talks hes canadian too when the genie came out of the lamp we knew it was Will Smith i said isn't he the one who sings just the two of us my brother said yes i remeber people laughed when he said excuse me by wheres your boss i think people laughed i am not a giant i am a genie theres a diffretes giants are not real i think people laughed at down word dog the genie did strghching out long thats not quiet how it works it remines me of how Adrean said it to me i think people laughed at him moching Aladdin by having his head i think they laughed at the monkey being paying music and about hes saying you don't need to worry about it hes find they laughed at his sparkly pants spinning aroundon him upsidedown the song was the instructions i didn't know eather it was funny how genie said or being anybody from the dead but the cartoon is funnier hes asking why are the only three thats funny i think people laughed too i think they laughed at tons of money and power i think people laughed at the genie saying he does not know why only 3 wishes you don't know i thought you were all knowing i just noticed the picture of the original characters of the movie just last minetes i said its the old movie cartoon Aladdin wish the genie to just then out of the cave but in the cartoon the genie wished that people laughed at him being fat the genie i mean one laughed how the genie said notice carpet did a sandcastle untill on DVD in the oringal he turned into pinoico and here we yet to see them watching in a movie like we are who is she whos the girl they laughed at genie saying aww ain't they all and Aladdin said shes really is and he asked if he can make him a prince then a prince apears then asked have they seen his palace thats not like the cartoon and he said she has to marry a prince he said the prince i just wonna go home man they laughed i think they laughed at Aladdins costume so did we perwinkle remines me of the cat from Bles Clues the show i laughed at Aladdin dressed in gold