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Jul 15, 2019AnneCarolineDrake rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
The author's note provides a HUGE clue to the book's major plot twist, but I didn't read it carefully enough: "Grief and guilt are powerful feelings, and I began to wonder how they might affect TWO women involved in very different ways in the SAME incident." [emphasis added] "Why don’t you leave?" Clare Mackintosh answers this question in graphic detail in her debut international bestseller I Let You Go. She also provides brilliant insights into the twisted minds and malignant narcissism of perpetrators of violence against women. It is a psychological thriller that I could not put down until I read all 369 pages yesterday. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and gasp. The major plot lines spring from the author's experience as a police officer and mother of two sets of twins. Sadly, her son Alex died shortly after birth from meningitis. Critics have opined the book is akin to The Girl on the Train. I disagree. It captures the experience of domestic violence as brilliantly as Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen. I accurately intuited some of the plot twists, but I still gasped when they unfolded. While I recommend the book highly, it may not be a wise choice for some domestic violence and sexual assault survivors ~ especially protective mothers ~ who have Complex-PTSD. The PTSD episodes and traumatic events Jenna experiences are quite graphic.