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Dec 12, 2018savtadina rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
I was surprised by how much this book and the boy Mason Buttle grew on me as I read the book. It is a powerful story of a child with a health condition and a reading disability who cannot read and is in middle school in a rural area, living with his grandmother and uncle. I am not sure if this rather slow-paced book would keep the interest of a child in upper elementary school, and it may not be interesting for for older children. I noticed that most of the reviews were done by adults. I checked it out of the library to read to see if it would be a good gift to one of my grandsons and decided that although I really enjoyed this book, which turned out to be quite complex, I did not think it would hold their attention. It might work well if it were read aloud to a child ages 10-12--either by parents or in a school setting.