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Wako made a comment May 11 2021
"Despite its eye-catching cover, and interesting plot, Zed is just a middle of the road sci-fi satire. The plot revolves around Beetle, a multi-national tech giant, who’s innovative programs and devices have come to saturate every aspect of daily l..." Permalink
Wako rated a title May 11 2021
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Wako made a comment May 07 2021
"This novella is both history and futurism; both raw hard tactile reality and ephemeral scifi speculation; both grounded and elevating. Building upon the framework of the North American Black experience, Onyebuchi starts with the trauma and events ..." Permalink
Wako rated a title May 07 2021
Wako made a comment May 03 2021
"Novella in length, but epic in scope, Nghi Vo crafts a tale of perseverance and wit. In a fantasy world inspired by imperial China, a story unfolds of political intrigue and survival in the face of the imperial court's machinations. It took me a b..." Permalink
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