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davidp3 created a list Aug 29 2018
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"Slurs, the history of slurs, especially useful for students researching specific slurs"
davidp3 rated a title Dec 19 2017
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davidp3 made a comment Dec 19 2017
"Wow! This was my first encounter with Amos Oz, and what a mind-blowing experience. The novel brought me such a deep respect for the three main characters and a new approach to understanding the story of Judas' relationship to Jesus and two thousan..." Permalink
davidp3 rated a title Sep 23 2017
davidp3 made a comment Sep 19 2017
"I enjoyed it! I learned a LOT! I'd never even heard of Claude McKay or of the African American support for the Ethiopians when they were invaded by Italy. I have attached a video of the editors and two others that is very interesting. They discuss..." Permalink
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