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feralranger made a comment Jul 06 2021
"I don't read many YA books because the story lines tend toward romance which is another genre I don't read BUT having said that this is a rich, funny, heartbreaking, edifying and generous work of fiction. I highly recommend it for the author is a ..." Permalink
feralranger rated a title Jul 06 2021
feralranger made a comment Jul 01 2021
"I was infuriated by how they lost their home, land, animals, income, but inspired by how they ultimately found a way to go forward step by step by step. This salt path is no easy hike especially when you don't have enough water or money for food b..." Permalink
feralranger rated a title Jul 01 2021
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May 08 2021
"Compelling in every moment, alive in every character, and real in every dialogue. Perhaps one of the most important works of fiction to come out in recent memory. It should be read." Permalink
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