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BOOBOOKER made a comment Jun 10 2021
"this is a great book to learn how to start your keto/low carb way of eating. Simplied terms and analogies of the proven science behind it. Keep learning !" Permalink
BOOBOOKER rated a title Jun 10 2021
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BOOBOOKER added a title to their Completed shelf Jun 10 2021
"Think you're eating healthy? Think again. For the past fifty years, we have been slowly eating ourselves to death-and doing so based on government recommendations about what constitutes a healthy diet. Our traditional low-fat, high-carb food...
BOOBOOKER made a comment Apr 23 2021

Fat: A Documentary

Streaming Video - 2019
"An excellent documentary. For all of us hood-winked by the low fat industry starting decades ago, this is a must see." Permalink
BOOBOOKER made a comment Apr 01 2021
"Shadow Life, which follows an independent senior who breaks free from her assisted living facility and rents a bachelor apartment in a cool part of the city — until Death's shadow shows up." Permalink
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