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Emancipation Proclamation

"On September 22nd, 1962, President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which stated that all enslaved people in Confederate states would be free on January 1st, 1863, so long as the Confederacy continued to fight. #in..."
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"Oktoberfest is celebrated from mid-September through the early days of October. The celebration held in Bavaria is one of the largest folk festivals in the world. The gathering is centered around German beer, food, and heritage. Many U.S. communit..."
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Stars of September

"Biographies and memoirs of famous folks born in September. #IndyPLAdult #Biography #September"
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"Here are a list of connections with the 2021 film. I will admit, I didn't have high expectations for the 2021 film, because I enjoyed the first one from 1992. I was afraid it would either be a carbon copy or one of those remakes that ruins the ori..."
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Agatha Christie: September 15, 1890 - January 12, 1976

"Dame Agatha Christie is one of the most published authors around the world with Guinness World Records listing Christie as the best-selling fiction writer of all time, her novels having sold more than two billion copies. She also wrote the world'..."
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