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11/22/63 By King, Stephen Book - 2011 | 1st Scribner hardcover ed

Was a good idea about time travel, but thought the story about saving JFK got hijacked by the subplot. (Life in small town 'Jodie Texas' and Jack falling in love with the school librarian, Sadie.)

I thought Jack wanting to stay in 1963 and never return to his own time of 2011 was kind of troubling too. It made him seem selfish and escapist. Jack is willing to ignore racism, sexism, and unchecked pollution because he has Sadie and people are more "neighborly." Really? Nobel prize winner Sinclair Lewis might have had something to say about being "neighborly" in his novel "Main Street."

On the plus side, "11/22/63" seemed really well researched and I had fun looking up movies, music, and other things mentioned about everyday life back then. The story flows along if readers can put up with the long digressions into Jack's 'other' life in the small town.

Others might really like the novel. The long subplot, and Jack kind of being an escapist unwilling to live in the present just wasn't for me.

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