Open [why Asking for Help Can Save your Life] By Bridge, Frankie Book - 2020

This book is a first person account of depression, anxiety and other associated Mental Illnesses. The fact that the author is a pop star, in my opinion, detracts from its value because one says to oneself, "this can't be happening to me." Other than that it's a well-written and agonizing account of Frankie Bridges' transition from illness to acceptance. She shows that it is possible to live a successful life even with mental illness when one is open about it and seeks help. I wish she had written a little more about other illnesses like Bipolar Disorder but perhaps since she does not have any experience of it, it would not be her story. If you are living with mental illness or close to someone with mental illness you should definitely read it. Anyone with an interest in non-fiction will also find it illuminating. One comment, for a British book to have international appeal, I wish she would explain how many pounds or kilos there are in a stone:-)

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