Daylight Atlee Pine Series, Book 3 By Baldacci, David eBook - 2020

A good addition to one of my favorite series. It wasn't as much of a page turner as the first two, but a good read. I like both the Atlee and Carol Blum characters. Carol is an older woman who is portrayed as smart and capable. Atlee is intelligent, brave and the kind of person you want on your side. I wish Baldacci would give her a love interest...I kinda thought Nick Laredo was going to fill that role and then we meet John Puller in this one and I have to say he's my kind of hero.

In the event a reader has missed the first two books, Baldacci gives readers a solid backstory in the first few chapters. That reading was kind of dry and read more like a junior high student writing an essay than a Baldacci adventure and thrill read. I wondered if he had a ghost write those because the voice was slightly different and dull reading. The dullness wasn't because I'd read the prior books and knew what had happened, but the writing just wasn't that solid. But once those introductory chapters are dealt with the story takes off. The story does have some gritty points but it's not overwhelmingly gory. Actually it's not gory at all but there are some fight scenes and I have to admit I liked reading Atlee take on some real a-holes.

There are two story lines that run both together and parallel. One is resolved because we are told it was -- but I wanted to hear more about that ending. The other is the thread that started in book 1 and continues on. The revelations on that one are jaw dropping. So far book 4 doesn't seem to be in the works but I'm hoping to hear more about it soon.

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