Daylight By Baldacci, David Book - 2020 | First edition

David Baldacci's DAYLIGHT is a another great read. This is the 3rd book in his Atlee Pine series. As with the other two, the story is something of a double helix. FBI duties related to her job as an agent, entwined with her never ending search for her twin sister who was kidnapped when they were young girls. This novel has an added attraction in that her search for her sister crosses paths with an Army CID investigation of drug dealing on an Army base - which turns out to be a much bigger investigation into things way beyond drugs on one base. So she teams up once again with Army CWO John Puller (4 Baldacci books in that series) and they help each other out with their separate investigations. No other spoilers from me other than Pine makes some strategic leaps forward in finding her sister - that at the end of this book, she has once again hit a brick wall.

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