Rosenn DVD - 2019 | French

A different male lead probably would improve the film. Rupert is getting up in years without accolades for a reason. Anyway, mildly interesting love story that on the île Bourbon, now known as island of Reunion, a carefree young woman falls for a much older English writer at the beginning of the 20th century ... that leads to a terrible lie and crime that causes great suffering of the protagonists.

1. Mostly in French with burnt in English captions that are small-ish, white in color and on screen for too short a time.
2. Unconvincing love story that seems to predicate on a kind of poppy love as hinted in this exchange early in the film:
Rosenn, the beauty ripe to love: My father told me a lot about you, forgetting that he used to take me to the theater to see you play in the Prince of Hamburg.
Mr. Lafoly, the worldly writer: Then, Prince of Hamburg delighted to meet you Miss.
Best quote is by a doctor to a patient with Rosenn, a nurse now, somewhere in the Artois and Flanders front, 1916: "And if you don't believe me. We'll still save you. You can even brag you got a nurse pretty enough to even scare death away."

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