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Michele Harper, a @harvard alumna and emergency room medic, seems to have attained all the accomplishments one could wish for. However, less is known of her traumatic childhood with an abusive father and a passive mother, her unexpected divorce, and her long journey in emotional recuperation. ⁣

In this memoir, Harper discusses a number of cases she has witnessed in the ER, shedding light on the government’s failure to medically protect its citizens as well as the society’s continuously egregious racism and sexism, especially towards women of color in elite institutions and industries. ⁣

My favorite moments in the book are those at which Harper encounters an incident that seems to provide the perfect enlightenment to a long-standing predicament. Those often occur in my own life too, as if the stars have aligned and the universe is sending out a clear message that directs the thought to a previously unconsidered passageway. However, I also suspect that these occurrences have always been part of the “background noise,” and it is only when we allow our hearts to make such connections that we become illuminated. ⁣

Harper is definitely a role model for ambitious young women of color. As she reconciles with her trauma and pain, it becomes evident that one cannot only succeed as a colored female leader, but also soothe the memories that had once haunted a child’s worst nightmares. ⁣

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