"The jump is done by the power of the story. It pulls from our particular histories, from all of our loves and all of our losses, all of that feeling is called up and on the strength of our remembrances, we are moved." This is Conduction.

This book is purely and simply a revelation. Ta-Nehisi Coates tells the story of one man's experiences with the legendary Underground with top shelf style and imagination. He turns a phrase like only a poet can, everything from the imagery of the deep south to the emotional turmoil of a freed man turned back to slavery serves as a means of reader Conduction to Lockless Plantation.

The ease with which the reader is immersed in this world make it one of the best works of magical realism I've ever read. But it's the story of Hiram and the Underground itself, tackling themes like ancestral rage, white allyship, and feminism that make it one of the most important.

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