Girl, Wash your Face
Girl, Wash your Face Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be By Hollis, Rachel Downloadable Audiobook - 2018 | Unabridged

I didn’t know who she was when I got the audio. From the Intro, I thought she was a 22 yo wanting to give self help advice to teenagers. Then in chapter 1 she states she’s a mom of 3, hubby is some Big Wig (and they attend the Oscars), she’s a Christian and she’s a Social Media Influencer. The only part I got correct is that she wants to give self help advise and each chapter is about overcoming a Lie. ie...the Lie? I’m a terrible writer. the Lie? I’m bad at sex.
While her examples put her in the best light and of course there’s the mentions some form of social media. Ugh.

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