Speed DVD - 2004 | Widescreen ed

"Buckle your seat belts because this movie can't slow down!" That would've been my tagline if I was promoting the movie. Of the post-"Die Hard" action movies ("Passenger 57," "Under Siege," the "Die Hard" sequels), this was maybe the most entertaining. Sure, it's a little silly, but what do you expect? All the leads are solid and there's a good supporting cast, including Jeff Daniels, Joe Morton, and Alan Ruck (aka Cameron from "Ferris Bueller"). Dennis Hooper was the go to bad guy for a couple years ("Super Mario Bros.," "Waterworld"). Keanu did not return for the decidedly un-thrilling sequel, which was set on a boat. Directed by Jan de Bont, who also did "Twister" and "Speed 2." Don't miss the bus on this one!

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