The Year of Less
The Year of Less How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in A Store By Flanders, Cait Book - 2018 | 1st edition

If you are interested in making changes towards minimalism AND getting honest with yourself, you will enjoy this book. Cait Flanders posted a blog about a year long shopping ban and created this book to provide readers with a more in depth, soul bearing explanation of how and why she used shopping, alcohol, drugs and/or food as coping mechanisms to life's problems.
Many people use unhealthy coping strategies without realising what it costs them - financially, healthwise and personally. If you just want practical guidance on consuming less, speed read over the relationship breakdowns, stories of alcoholism and drugs and go to the tip sheets. If you also want to honestly examine yourself, relationships, happiness and coping strategies when life gives you lemons, read every word.
The best thing I got from this book is that failing is a part of the journey. We mostly don't get it right the first time when dealing with the complexities of life - and that is NORMAL. "The Year of Less" will leave you questioning what you’re really doing in your life. Will you take the challenge to fall down and get back up and fall down and get back up on your own path of less?

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