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Slow-paced doesn't begin to describe the slog to get through 'Pieces of Her'.

While I am a huge fan of Karen Slaughter and have read her every book with the exception of Cop Town, which I attempted to read, this book was just plain awful.

I could not engage nor identify with any of the characters. The plot was hard to follow especially since you really don't figure out the plot until the end of the book. The bouncing back and forth between 2018 and 1986 was just hard to read because there is no sense of what and why you are bouncing back and forth. When I finally made it through about 3/4's of the book, I started skipping the 1986 chapters. I just wanted to be done.

There were a few quotes:

"She always knew where all the tops were to her Tupperware."

"I thought that being in love meant being on pins and needles all the time. Passion and fury and arguing and making up. . . . It's taking out the trash and saving up for vacations. Making sure the school forms are signed. Remembering to bring home milk."

Love doesn't keep you in a constant state of turmoil. It gives you peace."

2 stars C-

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