Bambi DVD - 2017 | Full screen edition

Released in 1942 - Bambi (a beautifully realized motion picture) would be Disney Studios' 5th animated feature film.

Bambi is an emotionally moving and intricately detailed film about a deer and how the phases of its life clearly parallels the cycle of the seasons in the forest.

Bambi is an extraordinary achievement. It features a number of memorable characters, including the endearing Thumper, a rabbit, who steals every scene that he's in.

This film's screenplay has a bit more bite to it than the average Disney yarn, with equal helpings of comedy and tragedy fueling a confrontation between the forest animals and that most horrific of two-legged interlopers - man.

*"Bambi" trivia* - Only about a 1000 words of dialogue are spoken throughout the entire film.

When Bambi premiered in London on August 8, 1942, in the midst of WW2, reception to it was extremely poor. It was later re-released in 1947.

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