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Sara Smythe has a run in with Theodore Camden at the hotel in London she works at as Head Housekeeper. He convinces her to come to NYC and work at his new apartment building The Dakota. Apartment buildings for families didn't exist really in this time so reading about this new period of time was fascinating. It's Gilded Age New York and old money is falling while new money is climbing. Suddenly Theodore is found murdered in The Dakota and who did it but of course Sara, the help, who spent a little time in an Insane Asylum.

100 years in the future we find Bailey Camden fresh out of rehap and looking for her purpose in life. She's staying at the Dakota and helping her cousin renovate the building when she finds three trunks in the basement. Theodore's, his wife Minnie's, and Sara's. Bailey dives into their family history and learns that some secrets never stay buried... while some do.

Historical Fiction fans will love this book, Sara and her journey, and the dual timelines that come together in the end. I can't wait to read more from Fiona Davis now!

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