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In my humble view, Shadowcaster was even better than Flamecaster. I was disappointed with Flamecaster but this one was way better. In this instalment, the reader is introduced to an almost entirely new set of characters. Some characters in the first book slowly fall into the plot. Also, the timeline at the beginning of the novel coincides with Book 1 until the halfway point. Then they catch up and bring the plot forward from there. I'm hoping for a mass convergence of all the characters in Book 3. The story is actually beginning to take shape, and it's building up to be really interesting. Overall, very satisfied and recommended. 3/5 stars
@BullahJee of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Shadowcaster is a great book. It’s the second book in the Shattered Realms series. I love how there are characters from the first book as well as new ones. It really adds suspense. When you switch points of views you have to wait longer to find out what happened. This book is a page turner already so adding even more suspense makes it impossible to put this book down. I love the characters themselves too. They are so easy to connect with because they are so lifelike. Their personalities seem so real. I think that you should definitely read this book. 4/5 stars
@ToastieTaco of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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