Eva is not like any average teenager. Besides the fact that she <i>loves</i> math (something I can personally understand, though at a lower level), every time she touches a person or something belonging to them she can feel their darkest emotions.

Eva is an interesting character, definitely difficult to like at times but understandably so. Eva's feelings of being a burden to her best friend and her family are all too real and even though I want to slap her a few times, especially near the end, I also wanted to hug her and be there for her.

The plot and Eva's ability were enough to keep me intrigued to the point I was reading every second I could. It helped that it is a fast read.

My only complaints are that Eva was a little too much a few times (though like I said before, I totally get it), the decisions both main characters make (if you read it, you must know exactly what I mean), and the ending (which seems oh, so convenient!).

Yet, I do recommend this book to anyone interested in reading it, and I will definitely be picking up more books by this author.

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