Xenia DVD - 2015 | Greek, Modern (1453-) | Widescreen edition

By far the best gay film I have seen all year. Don't be put off by the subtitles; it is wonderful to hear Albanian and Greek spoken with so much feeling. This film is an emotional story of two half-Albanian, half-Greek brothers Dany and Ody who haven't seen each other in years, brought together by the death of their Albanian mother, and how the two brothers, in fear of deportation, go on an cross-country adventure together in search of fame and fortune on a Greek Star Talent show and seek out their their jerk of a Greek father who they haven't seen since they were very young. This film will have you laughing and crying. Kostas Nikouli steals the film as a streetwise almost sixteen openly gay punkish teenager who helps propel the story forward. Nikos Gelia plays the older, more responsible brother who is about to turn eighteen and has an amazing singing voice which he inherited from his mom. Xenia plays with the theme of fantasy versus reality and how the younger brother deals with the pain of losing his mother. I know the Greeks invented drama, but these young brothers have more drama than most.

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