Near Enemy
Near Enemy By Sternbergh, Adam eBook - 2015 | First edition

I'm still really enjoying the world and the characters but some reason or another the story didn't stick as well with me. Spademan is still Spademan (ex-garbage collector turned hitman in the wake of a devastating terrorist attack on New York City) and the writing is still so rhythmic and engaging that I found myself reading most of it in one sitting despite myself.

Much like the last book (Shovel Ready) Spademan takes a job but the job goes pear shaped really quickly. In this case the man he's about to kill while in the limn comes awake screaming about a new terrorist plot. What said terrorist plot is really going to be attacking is another issue entirely.

If you liked the first book, you should definitely give this one a go. If you like a bit of hard-boiled, gritty, sci-fi noir; go grab Shovel Ready and then this one. You can probably get away without reading book one to understand this but I think you should still start at the beginning.

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