Amy DVD - 2015 | Widescreen edition

I was heartbroken when Amy Winehouse died. She was so much more talented than most popular musicians these days, that it felt like a real injustice. (Not that there is justice in the universe, but grief is not logical.) I remember the morning the news broke I spoke to someone (a singer) who said, somewhat dispassionately, that Winehouse was an accident waiting to happen. I felt offended by what she said at the time. But after seeing this extremely well edited documentary, I have to agree with her. Amy suffered from depression and taking drugs and drinking was her way of self-medicating. The film is well-balanced and takes you from the earliest days to the end. Best part is her singing in a recording booth doing Back to Black. It starts out just a capella then adds the backing track, first in part, then the whole thing. Makes the hair stand up....wherever you have hair. If you're a fan, this is unmissable. Even if you aren't a fan, this is highly recommended.

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