Amy DVD - 2015 | Widescreen edition

Most viewers are going to come to the film with some previous knowledge of Winehouse's talents, shortcomings and fatal flaw(s). This film adds detail and a timeline with names and faces as it goes into her personal story. Using a variety of sources the film aptly fleshes out these details as it explains her rise and fall. It's intersting to see how real life influenced her lyrics. A film that had no surprise ending, but a cautionary tale.

Showing both her good and bad sides as well as the good and bad influences of those around her the film seemed well balanced enough. However, the film made no mention of the reason of why she participated in the Grammy's via a live video feed from the UK instead of in person in the USA; the US government denied her entry due to her well known or suspected criminal drug activities. A detail that would have been easy enough to share and would have explained why the event took place in England instead of the USA. May be, it's another story unti itself, was simply overlooked or may be it's a sign that the film leaves out inconvenient details.

My major compliant is the high volume of the music portions compared to the low volume explanative or interview portions. Without constantly adjusting the volumne viewers are either bombarded with sound or left with whispers. A less varied range of volume would have been greatly appreciated.

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