After finishing this book, my thoughts were as follows: WTH is wrong with Andy? Is this a book about the slow, cruel, dissolving of a woman's mind?
First, let's get started on the letter. Like, okay, your mother in law isn't your biggest fan. (I can't imagine why). Oh no, she wants your fiancee to marry another. Who he apparently ran into- accidentally- a few months ago. Someone alert the media, call the cops, cue the music, because this just got soooo terrible and sooooo hard for Andy. Like, A) obviously he wants YOU, because he wouldn't have PROPOSED to you. And, B) Do you really expect him to tell you about every single girl he sees- SEES - every single second of his life? So, he saw a girl, chatted with her for about two seconds, and then left. WTH is wrong with that?

And then it's like: ooooh, wooooee is ME I'm not feeling too good, let me reminisce..... oh, oops, I'm pregnant. This is SO sad. I hate the fact that my husband is hot, wealthy, kind, loving, and funny. Like, honestly, my life is so hard. I can't stand it.....

And then the whole bridal thing, and the whole trauma thing..... God! That is what I can't stand. Okay, so your boss was a leeetttle bit demanding in her Starbucks orders and was kind of incredibly tough on you, but SO WHAT. TOUGH COOKIES. I guess it's the author's attempt to kind of revive the (flagging) spirit of the whole 'devil boss' thing, as well as make Andy COOL and INTERESTING and NOT LIKE OTHER GUURLS, but it does not work.
And then, can we talk about the writing? It is possible to write an actually GOOD bubbly, fun, read. This is not written well. The writing is terrible. (If you want to read well-written bubbly books, read Confessions Of a Shopaholic, or The Little Lady Agency) It's almost as bad as Crazy Rich Asians- yes, I said it, the writing there is AWFUL - and, what's worse, the character are basically the same, too. Not that she copied CRA, but it just seems like all of these terribly-written books all stick to the same tried-and-terrible format, character-wise.

Ex.) Rachel/Andy is PRETTY, approachable, NORMAL (because the guy is some mega rich guy, and all he's looking for is SOMEONE NORMAL but at the same time NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS), loves FOOD (which shows that while she is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, she isn't some stick-thin, shallow, supermodel), has a sense of HUMOR, has raging insecurities about the guy, and is KIND. Because omigod, like, #relatable!

Nick/Max is funny, WARM, supportive, SUPER-LOVING, BECAUSE RACHEL/ANDY IS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, sweet, thoughtful, RICH, did I mention RICH, wealthy, has money, is successful, has money, is wealthy, $$$$$, and has a terrible mother who does not approve of their relationship, yadda yadda.
Basically, they're both perfect. Now, the author tries to make them perfectly IMperfect, with the 'I love food' thing and the 'ooh, I have insecurities' thing. (Oh, but the guy has to be perfect, sorry)
Some better book recommendations are: The Royal We (funniest book you'll ever read, some great characters, an absolutely rip-roaring book), Confessions Of A Shopaholic (well-written), The Little Lady Agency (extremely well-written, realistic and beautiful relationships).

God, just don't even try to read this book, its's beyond horrendous. I regret every second of my life spent reading it.

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