Trinity & Beyond
Trinity & Beyond The Atomic Bomb Movie DVD - 2006 | 60th anniversary diamond ed. Widescreen ed

Produced and directed by Peter Kuran in 1995, this 94-minute documentary traces the development of nuclear weapons and their testing from America's Trinity test of 1945 to the first Chinese atomic bomb test in 1964.
The film includes footage of nuclear tests starting with the May 1945 trial run to Trinity, a 100-ton TNT blast used to scale and calibrate the Trinity device, and ending with the last U.S. atmospheric nuclear detonation of the Nike Hercules air defense missile in 1963.
Also included are test series in the South Pacific, footage of the firing of the U.S. Army's atomic cannon at the Nevada Test Site in 1953, and color images of multi-megaton high altitude air bursts over Johnston Island just before the limited test ban treaty went into effect in 1963.
Shocking, terrifying and disgusting!

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