This installment in the Wings series takes places almost an entire year after the events of Spells. Laurel hasn't seen or heard from Tamani since she told him off in the woods that day at the end of Spells. She still believes she made the right choice by staying with David and her family in the human world. She is happy with her life and relationship.

Now it's back-to-school time, and low and behold - Tamani is there. He is posing as a human foreign exchange student! What? Yeah. Apparently the fae haven't seen any trolls in months, and they are more uneasy than ever because of that. Something must be afoot, yeah? Thus, extra protection is needed for Laurel. Of course, Laurel and David think Tam has some ulterior motives for being there.

In no time at all, Laurel is more confused than ever. In this installment, Laurel gets to explore her feelings for both boys, and realizes that she may never be able to choose between the two. During this love triangle - Laurel also has to decide between human life (college, etc.) or fairy life in Avalon (at the academy). Decisions, decisions.

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