The Taliban Shuffle
The Taliban Shuffle Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan By Barker, Kim Book - 2011 | 1st ed

The only reason I began reading this book was because of a review that claimed the book was another Catch-22, a book that I had somewhat enjoyed recently. I'll admit, the humor in this book is sometimes laugh out loud funny. But for some reason, I just couldn't wait to finish the book, and despite the "impossible to put down" tag, I found that I was forcing myself to read and constantly glancing at the clock. Perhaps it was because this is my first nonfiction book in a long time? It's amazing to think that the whole story has, in fact, happened in real life and is STILL occurring though. Perhaps my reaction is a result of me experiencing the summertime symptoms of restlessness and boredom, but bottom line, The Taliban Shuffle is not a bad book.

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