Flashback A Novel By Simmons, Dan Book - 2011 | 1st ed

I'm not sure which book tlfrappier was reading, but I thought this book was amazing! Especially the very clever ending. While at times, the book tended to go on too long, the payoff was worth it. The bleak future Simmons paints is too eerily possible. The suspense is crafted neatly and with enough thrills and chills to keep even the average reader engaged. The only problem I had, which isn't really Simmons' problem, more my own, was the Right-Wing lean this book had. This bleak future is directly the result of today's policies, according to Simmons. But whether he's on the side of that opinion, or merely using it to create his dystopic future is uncertain. The device of the Flashback drug is clever, the family dynamics between father and son, and grandfather and grandson work really well. If Simmons knows anything it's how to create superb characters.

shancock4's rating:
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