Here is a copy of the review I posted on Goodreads (Goodreads user name Joan, from Stratford ON):

I liked this installment of Maisie Dobbs a lot, although I am dismayed by one thing. Without spelling it out, let's just say that Winspear has -- without batting an eyelash -- suddenly jettisoned Maisie's personal life into the post-sexual-revolution 21st century, and Maisie's inner circle seems virtually blasé about it. Ack! Screaming anachronism. I'm also watching with fascination as Maisie bit by bit becomes (or is set to become) one of the most propertied women in England.

That said, the story has a good balance and atmosphere. I found it interesting that the national powers that be were busy looking for destructive influences but missed the one that was right under their noses.

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