Earthquakes and rising oceans have devastated the dry land and forced people to live either in overcrowded stack cities or in the wide open ocean depths. Ty has spent his whole life on the ocean floor and never plans to leave the deep water for the overcrowded land topside. He loves the adventure and danger of life underwater. Then in one day everything changes for Ty. He discovers a wrecked sub with no survivors (while escaping from sharks) and he meets a girl named Gemma who is in search of her missing brother. She's an orphan, a topsider and basically a lot of trouble.
Both Ty and Gemma have their secrets and they don't really see things the same way. Gemma is afraid of the watery world that Ty loves and Ty is freaked out by the idea of going topside where everyone would stare at him (he glows like a deep sea fish!). Together they have to face down deep sea outlaws, sharks, and creepy sheriffs and that's just for starters.
There is mystery, action and adventure that starts out immediately and keeps sailing along until the last page. Supposedly there's a movie coming in the near future which would be very cool! There is also a sequel called Rip Tide so if you get hooked on the adventure of the watery depths you can keep on reading.

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