Grave Secret
Grave Secret By Harris, Charlaine Large Print - 2009 | Large print ed

After doing a job for the wealthy Joyce family, Harper and Tolliver face their toughest challenge yet: telling super-rigid Aunt Iona, Uncle Hank and their younger half-sisters that they're a couple. It doesn't help that this town is also where they lived as the abused blended family of neglectful junkies, and where Harper's beloved sister Cameron mysteriously vanished. As if their family relations weren't strained enough, Tolliver's father Matthew appears in town, claiming he wants to mend fences.

At the same time, Harper has been hired (sort of) by the Joyces to find a missing baby that may be their grandfather's secret love child -- but someone is determined to keep her from finding it. People around her are getting injured, kidnapped and murdered -- even Tolliver has been shot. And as Harper tries to unravel the mysteries from years ago, she realizes that the Joyce family has a long-ago link to her own...
This is a touching, sorrowful but excelllent mystery and pulls together the mystery of Harper,Tolliver, their missing sister and the rest of the family and how they dealt with what was going on in their lives as abused /neglected children. They finally find out the truth behind their missing sister and are a able to resolve that mystery, although not in a happy way. This is a haunting story, an excellent mystery and a great ending to the Harper Connelly Series.

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