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Buzz Kill is a fun, enjoyable read by Beth Fantaskey. The story is a mystery with both romance and action elements in it. The main character, Millie, who reports for her high school newspaper, finds the body of the head football coach in a storage room with his head bashed in. There are many suspects to the killing including, Cheerleader Viv, who is Millie's self-described "arch-nemesis," Mike, who is a"disgraced football player," and quarterback, Chase, who is as mysterious as he is handsome. The main suspect, however, is Millie's father, Jack, who is an assistant football coach and town mayor. Millie has already lost her mother to cancer, and she can't afford to lose her other parent to prison.
As Millie investigates, she finds out more about Coach Killdare, both good and bad, and why lots of people had motive to kill him. She also discovers that there is a lot about Chase the she never could have imagined. When Mike Price is also killed, suspicion falls even more heavily on Millie's father, and she must expand her investigation if she is to keep him out of prison.
Millie's childhood hero is Nancy Drew, and this story reads like a modern version of a Nancy Drew mystery. Millie is extremely intelligent with a sarcastic sense of humor that makes her first-person account even more fun to read - an excellent young adult mystery.

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