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Legend DVD - 2002 | Ultimate ed

Let's face it - Fabulous make-up effects aside, a screaming queen like Tim Curry, as "Lord of Darkness", truly sucked. And, yes, Tom Cruise, as junior Jack WTF, was nothing short of total embarrassment, in my books. It's true.

Yes. Legend may have been lavishly mounted. And, yes, it may have been incredibly handsome to behold - Yes - Yes - Yes - That it was. But, with that aside, it absolutely astounded me that, after having to endure the monotony of Blade Runner, director Ridley Scott would actually have the gall to come up with yet another goddamn boring movie, such as this one, to foist upon the unsuspecting movie-audience.

This dream-like fantasy, presented in the mould of a Grimm's Fairy Tale, was about the demon "Darkness" who tries to gain control over a young princess who represents the absolute embodiment of pure, virginal innocence.

Unfortunately, with characters that are not at all well-defined and art direction that's clearly gone haywire, Legend's story was utterly lacking when it came to important factors such as momentum. And, in turn, with this type of damage done, Legend's entire production ended up being reduced to the inevitable bore that it was.

One thing for certain - Legend sure is a great film to scare the socks right off of the little kiddies.

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