The Forgotten Desert Mothers
The Forgotten Desert Mothers Sayings, Lives, and Stories of Early Christian Women By Swan, Laura Book - 2001

I have always loved the Desert Fathers, and have read LOTS about and by them in college and seminary, but somehow only heard about a few Desert Mothers in all that time. I was reading Rowan Williams' excellent reflections on desert spirituality [ Where God Is] when I was gobsmacked by a seemingly offhand remark in his introduction noting the number of Desert Fathers and Mothers at the peak of the movement - there were THREE TIMES AS MANY mothers as fathers! So why didn't we talk about them in seminary? In all those college classes? I was very grateful when I ran into this book at my local library. The author is, perhaps, more accessible than scholarly, but I'm fine with that. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to round out their understanding of Desert Spirituality, as well as being inspiring reading for anyone interested in deepening their walk of Christian faith.

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