Casino Royale
Casino Royale By Fleming, Ian Large Print - 1979 | Large print ed

I was amazed by this book. First of all it is nothing like the movies. It was the first Bond book that Fleming wrote and it is a masterpiece of writing. It is a profound and tragic love story concerning the sordid life of spies. It is realistic and could have happened. I think it is better than the book Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham, which is several stories about spies and based on the author's experiences. I read a biography of Roald Dahl which told how Fleming was a friend of his and admired Dahl's writing very much. It said that Fleming felt that Dahl was a REAL writer and Fleming felt he was inferior, just a hack. Although Dahl is terrific, I'm sorry that Fleming isn't alive so I could write and tell him: Casino Royale is a masterpiece!

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