The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

[Illustrated Edition]

Book - 2018 | Illustrated edition
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Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of boarding school...again. And that's the least of his troubles. Lately, mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking straight out of the pages of Percy's Greek mythology textbook and into his life. And worse, he's angered a few of them. Zeus's master lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Now Percy and his friends have just ten days to find and return Zeus's stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than catch the true thief: he must comes to terms with the father who abandoned him; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and unravel a treachery more powerful than the gods themselves.
Publisher: New York : Disney/Hyperion, 2018
Edition: Illustrated edition
Copyright Date: ©2005
ISBN: 9781484787786
Branch Call Number: JF RIORD-R
Characteristics: 226 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps ; 29 cm
Additional Contributors: Rocco, John - Illustrator


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May 14, 2020

I really loved this book. I learned so much about greek mythology and had a good laugh. I totally recommend.

May 12, 2020

I remember hearing about this book from so many people. So many people from my school kept urging me to read it, since it was a very popular read for middle schoolers. I used to read this book, slowly, day by day, until I finished, and then moved on to the rest of the series. Personally, I enjoyed the book, mainly because it connected our life to the life of greek demigods. It’s a way to escape from reality, and learn about the life of different people. I liked this book so much, I finished the entire series and reread it again. I also continued to read books of the same author, Rick Riordan, a really popular author. He mainly writes books about mythology. The Lightning Thief is just a start of what comes next. The rest of the series is amazing as well. I definitely recommend this book, and I really recommend reading the book before watching the movie.

May 02, 2020

This is the best book in the world! you haven't lived till you've read the Percy Jackson series.

JCLMichelleR Apr 06, 2020

Percy is a spirited, friendly, brave and sometimes goofy 12 year old boy trying to save his mom, and oh yeah also Western Civilization as we know it. Grover, his best friend/satyr is a sweet, loyal, and lovely soul who wants to help his friends and cares deeply for the Earth and all its creatures, and Annabeth, wonderful Annabeth is a complex girl with smarts, strength and whit that won't quit. If you haven't started this series already, what are you waiting for???

Feb 29, 2020

"Tin cans. A perfectly good bag of tin cans." -Grover Underwood

Feb 28, 2020

This book was amazing!! Loved it! I totally recommend the BOOK not the MOVIE (IT WAS TERRIBLE) seriously, don't watch, READ!!!!

Feb 20, 2020

Read it. Loved it. You should too.

Jan 02, 2020

I enjoyed reading "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". It is full of action and it makes me continue reading the book. After reading the first book, I liked it so much, I finished the series.

Dec 23, 2019

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - BOOK 1

Dec 03, 2019

I can't wait to read this!!! My friends have been requesting it for a while, and now I really want to read it; I've been too stuck reading Harry Potter.

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May 14, 2020

BookDragon07 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 15

May 02, 2020

GoddessOfBooks thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

ArcticLemming7182613 thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Sep 20, 2019

Hiny thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Mar 22, 2019

climbTheStairs thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Feb 13, 2019

FaithR thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 15

Dec 06, 2018

white_human_112 thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Jul 31, 2018

Jdburd0320 thinks this title is suitable for 8 years and over

Jul 31, 2018

violet_dog_6820 thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over

May 07, 2018

blue_penguin_2674 thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

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May 02, 2020

"Ares has strength. That's all he has.
Even strength has to
bow to wisdom sometimes." - Annabeth

May 16, 2019

" 'How did you die?'
'We er...drowned in a bathtub.'
'All three of you?'
'It was a big bathtub.' "

Jan 04, 2019

“Deadlines just aren't real to me until I'm staring one in the face.”

Jul 31, 2018

"It's just that if you died... aside from the fact that it would really suck for you, it would mean the quest was over. This may be my only chance to see the real world." -Annabeth

Jun 29, 2017

"Die, Honey!"
-Mrs. Dodds

Jun 20, 2016

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.”

Jun 19, 2016

A need-to read book for those who love Greek mythology and modern comedy

Jun 30, 2015

"You drool in your sleep"

Sep 18, 2014

...I could see people being chased by hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked through cactus patches or listen to opera music.

red_zebu_50 Aug 15, 2014

I was barefoot since I gave my shoes to Grover. Better that they wonder why one of us was barefoot than why one of us had hooves.

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Mar 27, 2020

Middle school student Percy Jackson fears getting expelled (AGAIN) when he destroys one of his teachers after she transforms into a Fury and tries to murder him. However, his troubles are only beginning. His best friend Grover reveals himself to be a satyr and tells Percy he is in mortal danger. Percy's mother, Sally, rushes Percy and Grover to the mysterious Camp Half-Blood but is attacked by a minotaur and disappears in a golden light. Percy kills the minotaur, but fears that his mother is dead. At Camp Half-Blood, Percy discovers that his favorite teacher is actually Chiron, the centaur who trained many Ancient Greek heroes. Percy and the other campers are all half-bloods- the children of a greek god or goddess and a mortal parent. After Percy is claimed by his father Poseidon, he sets out on a quest with Grover and Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, to locate Zeus's missing master bolt before Zeus and Poseidon (whom Zeus believes is the thief) go to war. Together they face off against Medusa, Echidna, the Furies, and even Ares, the god of war himself. After a visit with Hades helps Percy realize he's been set up by Ares, he finds the master bolt and must return it to Zeus before the Summer Solstice. If he's successful, not only will he prevent a war among the gods, but he may also save his mother, who is being held captive in the underworld. This is the first in a 5 book series about Percy and his friends.

Jun 29, 2017

Percy Jackson was never a "normal" kid-always getting in trouble and switching schools, just trying to fit in. When strange things start happening and a teacher attacks him, claiming that he is a thief, Percy's whole world was turned upside down when he finds out he is more than just a kid-and the "gods" are more than just myths. Grover, a spunky satyr, Annabeth, a determined teen, and and Percy, a relentless newbie proceed to go on a grand adventure to clear Percy's name.

Jun 19, 2016

Percy Jackson, a 11 year-old boy discovered that he is a demigod with the abilities to control water and all this comes from his father,Poseidon.

Jun 01, 2016

Percy finds who stole the master bolt... and the helm of darkness.

Mar 28, 2016

Grade 6 student Percy Jackson thinks he's human. Sure, a dyslexic human with ADHD, but still a human. But he's wrong. Percy is really a half-blood, a mix between a Greek God and a human. And his best friend, whom he also thought was human, is half goat.

Mar 18, 2016

Percy Jackson, an ADHD and a dyslexic boy, struggles to find a school that will except him. With the help of his friend, Grover, he finds out that he is a demigod, but loses his mom on the way. Devastated, Percy and Grover go to Camp Half-Blood where Percy finds out that he is the son of Poseidon. His father and Zeus are fighting because Zeus thinks Poseidon has stole his master bolt. Percy then goes on a quest to find the master bolt with Grover and Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Percy faces Medusa, Hades, and even battle it out with Ares, to get the master bolt. On the way Percy gets his mom back. Percy then goes to Olympus to give back the master bolt and meets his father. He tells everyone about his adventures. The gods think that Cronus is rising. Meanwhile Percy goes back and finds out that Luke, son of Hermes and friend of Percy, is actually a follower of Cronus. Luke then attempts to kill Percy, but fails. This is the beginning of the war between the demigods and Cronus.

Aug 11, 2015

Percy An adhd finds out his dad is Poseidon (god of the sea) and learns that he has been accused of stealing Zeus lightning bolt and has to find it so he can clear his name

Jul 04, 2015

Percy was running for his life as the minotaur charged for him grover and his mom and again his freind grover was a satyr half goat half human

Jul 02, 2015

The main character, Percy Jackson, is having lots of trouble in school. All of the sudden, countless surprises confront him and he find out an unbelievable secret about himself. He makes new friends and has to go on a dangerous quest with them. It is really going to put him to the test...

Jun 27, 2015

The Lightning Thief:
Percy Jackson son of Poseidon is accused of stealing Zeus' Lightning Bolt. He is innocent and goes to find it to prove his innocence. He runs into many monsters. He faces Medusa. Hades too. Will he make it? Will he not? Read to find out.

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red_zebu_50 Aug 15, 2014

Other: Very adventurous with Percy looking for the bolt.

Oct 17, 2013

Frightening or Intense Scenes: there are a bit of monsters but NOT scary. People who get scared easily might get the willies.

Apr 25, 2013

Violence: a little here a little there so yea

Mar 02, 2013

Violence: When the capture the flag game starts.

May 25, 2012

Violence: When Ares and Percy have a battle 1 on 1 to win the Master Bolt and Helm of Darkness.

Apr 14, 2012

Violence: When Percy Annabeth, and Grover go to Madusa's fortress and a little bit more.

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