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Sep 24, 2017

When you get down to it, Falling Skies is Dawson's Creek with aliens. For a series based in reality, the 'reality' is a few slices short of 3.14 ... but what's left ought go well with some nice warm milk. Tom Cruise can jump on a couch to sell a film and Falling Skies can sell commercial space -- probably Gerber. I would recommend Falling Skies to people who aren't actually dealing with reality -- it would be a great show to watch while in their safe place under a quilt made of their blue ribbon collection.

aaa5756 Oct 04, 2013

It was O.K for a home TV movie. I was entertained and interesting. But it was NOT worth the long library wait or the price to rent from a Red Box. Very Predictable

lasertravis Sep 16, 2013

This is a very good sci-fi alien invasion series. This season was an upgrade over the first season. The action was amped up as was the emotional connection to the characters. The effects are top notch. Some of the acting is not great, but it is all decent enough. Must see tv for any sci-fi fan.

Sep 06, 2013

This series, with this season is particular is the best. Season 3 is out but I personally like this season better. It has a great plot and you see many changes and developments in characters such as Ben. If you are a Ben Mason (Connor Jessup) fan then this is the season for you :)

Jun 27, 2013

Tom Mason is mysteriously released from alien captivity at the beginning of the second season of Falling Skies. Tom rejoins the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment (2nd Mass.) but not without suspicion from many in the regiment. Throughout the second season the regiment battles the skitters, robots and their alien overseers. While the 2nd Mass. is held up at an airport a barnstormer flies in and relays news that a new continental congress and army has been established in Charleston, SC. After some debate the 2nd Mass. decides to trek down to Charleston in hopes joining forces to better fight the alien invasion. Ben Mason begins receiving improbable messages from the harness spikes still lodged in his spine. To Ben's surprise, and the 2nd Mass.' skepticism, it is learned that some of the skitters have developed a resistance movement to try and overthrow their alien overseers. On their journey south the 2nd Mass. continues to battle the skitters and robots as they suffer more hardship and loss of life. Upon arriving in Charleston the 2nd Mass.finds out that their situation may be worse than they originally thought.


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aaa5756 Oct 03, 2013

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe.”
-Abraham Lincoln

aaa5756 Oct 03, 2013

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” -Franklin D Roosevelt

aaa5756 Oct 03, 2013

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr


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Sep 25, 2017

. Ep1 3 months on from Tom's ride onto the Alien ship. Unit of 2Mas engaged by Alien force. Ben friendly fires round into Tom. They take Tom back to base and Dr operates to patch up wound. Tom's time on Alien ship comes in dream segments. Torture, interview with Fish-face, offering dubious deal Tom did refuse. Released with others he got brief chat to. They were all gunned down! Tom is left to leave. He saves woman from human robber, gets lift partway home. 2Mas running ambushes on skitter patrols to keep their base hidden. Alien aircraft dramatically decrease their response times - 2Mas try reducing engine heat. Pope: How did Tom get back? Distrust in 2Mas.

. Ep2 2Mas cornered at large river bend, a severed bridge the only escape. Tom doubts Tom. Recon find local Alien Control base, which they blow. Bridge patched. A shoot out as Most of 2Mas escape. Tom finds a bug in his eye - Dr pulls out and leaves in jar. From which it cuts its way out, flies to skitter and borrows in!

. Ep3 2Mas park at airport. Pope and crew drag Tom away (due to doubts) and tell him to leave. Saved by Ben and Jamie, who had extended their patrol well beyond orders. A small biplane arrives and tells them a human Government, complete with a congress, has setup in Charleston, sent her out to tell people - come and join. She is allowed to leave. Skitter stabs soldier with stick.

. Ep4 8yo Matt sent as bait - sniper team hits 2 skitters that had cornered him. 2Mas find group of youth. Weaver finds his daughter is with them. 2Mas give them provisions then have to save from Alien Harnessing plant. Ben having trouble with the spikes in his back glowing and he becomes paralyzed with a certain skitter around him. Weaver's daughter departs with group.

. Ep5 A skitter seeks help. 2Mas all for killing. They find a provisioned but abandoned hospital and turn on the generators and lights. Hal saves Maggie - who wished to be comrades in arms... ONLY! Skitter: Wish to revolt, join forces. Fish-face crew had invaded and destroyed their planet century back.

. Ep6 Find bodies of d-harnessed kids. Karen among them and barely alive.

. Ep7 Karen entices Ben into Alien trap. Hal and crew had followed, saved Ben and captured Fish-face. Taken back to base at Hospital. Which is then attacked by Meks, and foot long creepy crawlies, causing chases in tunnels and vents. These almost got Dr and Lordes but Matt out crawled the crawlies. Alerted Tom and Pope, who united (briefly) to save Dr, Lordes. Deal with Karen - 2Mas could leave in exchange for Fish-face.

. Ep8 500 Mile drive. Maggie and Hal on advance scout, with Pope in back. Hal has to walk for more fuel. So Pope asks will she tell Hal All?! Medical Bus hits girl, with apparently dead harness. They take her along and Matt befriends her. But her brother skitter jumps on board, snatches her back - after Matt had told her their destination, and stuff. They arrive at Charleston, observe ruins other side of blown bridge. Whereas you or I would have ordered recon, Weaver stands on truck and sorry for false lead. Dale and few step from trees.

. Ep9 Standing ovation for 2Mas as they enter. Real food and fresh sheets. Charleston crowd have moved into subterranean mall that the Aliens overlooked. Disconcerted to have to turn in their arms to the armory. Tom meets former teacher, who is more interested in winning vote than anything to do with getting their planet back off Aliens. (These guys have a truce with them?). Matt suspended from school for punching kid who alleged Tom did deal to be released by Aliens. D harnessed lad arrives, asks to see Tom. Tom, then 2Mas arrested for collaboration. Charleston General then arrests Teach, declares martial law, tells Tom to go forth and talk to rebel skitters. Then orders troops to attack said skitters. Tom and 2Mas detachment go to attack Alien Super Weapon site, Karen infects Hal with a metal bug. The rebel skitters who escaped the Charleston attack attempt a rescue.


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